Tattoo Studio in Leeds | Transform Yourself With Renaissance Style

Tattoos have become a mainstream form of self-expression. Beyond the aesthetics, they offer a surprising range of benefits, impacting everything from self-confidence to cultural connection. Renaissance Hair & Beauty also hosts a welcoming tattoo studio where we invite individuals to transform themselves into works of art.

Based in the heart of Leeds, we’re a vibrant, green salon that welcomes clients and those looking to start a career in hair and beauty. Why not drop in and talk to our team? And don’t forget to check out our latest news.

Thinking of Getting a Tattoo?

Let’s look at the many benefits these stunning pieces of art can offer:

  • The Opportunity to Boost Self-Confidence

  • The Ability to Promote Self-Expression

  • Helping to Discover a Sense of Belonging

  • The Change to Celebrate the Beauty of Body Art

A Confidence Boost

A well-chosen tattoo can be a powerful source of self-affirmation. Perhaps it will cover up a scar or unsightly birthmark, transforming a source of insecurity into a work of art. Maybe it celebrates a personal achievement, serving as a daily reminder of one's strength and determination.

A Canvas for Self-Expression

Our skin is a natural canvas, and tattoos allow us to tell a visual story. A commemorative piece might honour a loved one, a quote could reveal a personal thought process, and a symbolic image could represent a life-changing experience. These permanent markings become a constant reminder of our life’s path.

A Sense of Belonging

Tribal markings have been used for centuries to denote membership and lineage. Today, shared tattoos among friends or within fandoms foster a sense of belonging and shared identity. Whether it's a symbol of a favourite sports team or a character from a favourite book series, our tattoo studio can help unite individuals.

A Celebration of Body Art

Tattoos are a vibrant art form. From photorealistic portraits to intricate geometric designs, their artistry is undeniable. Working with us at Renaissance Hair & Beauty on a collaborative design is a rewarding experience, allowing you to be an advocate for this unique yet universal art form.

Green Salon Accredtitation AwardGreen Salon Accredtitation Award

Join the Community

Tattoos are also conversation starters. They spark curiosity and can lead to unexpected connections. Sharing the story behind a tattoo can be a way to build bridges and unite you with like-minded individuals. This can be particularly powerful for breaking social barriers and fostering new friendships.

It's important to acknowledge that tattoos aren't for everyone, so we will always discuss your artwork in advance to ensure you’re completely happy with the design and where you plan to have the ink done. 

Renaissance Hair & Beauty is fully licensed by our local authorities and holds the relevant insurance and health and safety accreditations for operating in an appropriate environment. We only use tried and tested inks and aftercare products at our tattoo studio, including the following:

  • Barber DTS Supplies

  • Killer Ink Supplies

  • Dynamic

  • Eternal Ink

  • Panthera

  • World Famous Ink

  • Dettol Antiseptic Liquid

  • Sorry Mom Tattoo Aftercare

Deposits and Cancellations

All clients are asked to enter card details at the time of booking.

Clients are charged a 100% fee for non-attendance. You can process payment when marking appointments as a no-show in your calendar.

Clients are charged a 50% fee for cancellations that occur with less than 48 hours’ notice. You can process payment when marking appointments as cancelled in your calendar. Clients automatically get charged when cancelling online themselves.

To make an appointment at our tattoo studio in Leeds, call 0113 242 6224.