Renaissance Hair and Beauty’s Price List

We offer our clients competitive prices on all our hair and beauty services, whether they’re interested in a cut and style, hair extensions or Botox. Please find our prices below, and if you have a query, call our Leeds beauty salon on

0113 242 6224 or email us at


Cut & Finish



 Senior Stylist

Creative Director


Ultra short






All other hair lengths






Fringe Trim


Facial Hair Grooming


Beard Trim                                               £15.00

Wet Shave                                              £30.00


Extreme Short Blow Dry                     £15.00

Short Hair Blow Dry



 Senior Stylist

Creative Director







Long Hair Blow Dry



 Senior Stylist

Creative Director




 £ 31.00



Hair Extension Blow Dry                       £45.00

Hair Up


Braiding                                                                                                            from £25.00


Full Hair Up                                                                                                             £40.00


Hollywood Wave                                                                                                   £40.00


Hair Curling (without washing)                                                                                       £15.00


Hair Straightening (without washing)                                                                £15.00


For maximum hold on your Hair Up please wash your hair the evening before

If you wish your hair to be washed on the day this will incur an additional charge



                                          Graduate                      Senior Technician                         Technical Director


Partial Highlights


                                                        £50.00                                     £60.00                                                  £70.00


Half Head Highlights


                                                         £60.00                                     £80.00                                                 £90.00

Full Head Highlights


                                           Graduate                         Senior Technician                    Technical Director


                                                          £75.00                                          £95.00                                             £105.00


Full Head Bleach Application + Toner including Olaplex


                                                          £75.00                                         £85.00                                                £95.00


Bleach Roots + Toner including Olaplex


                                                          £55.00                                         £65.00                                                £75.00


Gloss Colour


                                                         £45.00                                           £50.00                                              £54.00


Roots and Refresh


                                                         £59.00                                           £63.00                                                £69.00




                                                          £49.00                                            £53.00                                              £58.00




                                             £27.00                                            £32.00                                                £35.00


Balayage/Ombre + Toner


                                                          £95.00                                          £100.00                                              £105.00


Toner                                       -  £20    


Colour Correction                 - On quotation


Change of Colour                 - On quotation


Fashion Colours                    – On quotation


Extreme Short Colour         – On quotation


*Full bleach and bleach roots services include an Olaplex Shot


*All colours include a free blast off if you would like a styled blow dry please book as an additional service


*Please note Fashion Toners may incur additional charge


*Bleach roots is a maximum of 2cm regrowth


*Please disclose upon booking if you are wearing extensions so we can allow extra time.

Treatments and Express Treatments


Kerastraight Smoothing Treatment                                                      From £120


Full Circle Range                                                                                                       £20.00


Minu  Illuminating Colour Mask                                                                      £5.00


Love Curl Enhancing Mask                                                                               £5.00


Nou Nou Nourishing Replenishing Mask                                                            £5.00


Olaplex                                                                                                                 £25.00


Colour Shot                                                                                                         £5.00

Hair Extensions


Hand tipped premium Russian Hair from our Bespoke Blends range fitted with micro rings


Half Head                                                                                                            From £280


¾ Head                                                                                                                From £400


Full Head                                                                                                              From £500


Extra Full Head                                                                                                         From £600


                     Following correct maintenance and after care this hair can last up to 3 years


Russian Mongolian Hair fitted by LA Weave or Micro Duo


Thickening                                                                                                           From £110


Full Head                                                                                                              From £430


Extra Full Head                                                                                                           From £460


                   Following correct maintenance and after care this hair can last up to 18 months


Russian Mongolian Tape Hair method


Thickening                                                                                                           From £110


Full Head                                                                                                             From £480


Extra Full                                                                                                             From £520


                     Following correct maintenance and after care this hair can last up to 18 months


Maintenance                                                                                                     £50 per hour


Removal                                                                                                             £50 per hour


                    Hair Extension Consultations are free of charge

Make Up Artist


Eyes includes lashes and brows  30 mins                                                 £25.00


Basic make up everything but eyeshadow and lashes 30 mins          £25.00


Glam make up 1 hour                                                                                     £35.00


Festival and Halloween make including glitter and SFX 1 hour           £40.00


Learn your own face one to one lesson 2 hours                                     £70.00


Prom and Graduation 1 hour                                                                        £40.00


All make up includes lashes


Airbrush make up £5 extra



Shellac hands                                                                                                £20


Shellac removal                                                                                            £5


Shellac removal with re-application                                                        FREE


Only shellac applied by this salon can be removed

Bridal Hair


One Look Trial                                                                                              £40.00


Two Looks Trial (2 hour session)                                                               £60.00


Bride On The Day                                                                                        £80.00


Bridesmaid On The Day                                                                                 £50.00


Mother of The Bride Blow Dry                                                                 £45.00


Children                                                                                                         £35.00

Bridal Make Up


Bridal Trial (90 mins)                                                                                       £55.00


Bride On The Day                                                                                        £80.00


Bridesmaid On The Day                                                                             £70.00


Mother Of The Bride                                                                                   £60.00


All include lashes


*Travel expenses not included


Full Payment for Bridal services will be taken one week before the event to make for a more relaxed morning for the bridal party.

Interested in any the above treatments? Call our Leeds beauty salon on 0113 242 6224.