Women’s and Men’s Hair in Leeds
On-Trend Styles With Our Hairdressers

Most of the team working at our Leeds hair and beauty salon have worked on fashion shoots and catwalk shows for reputable magazines and designers. Keeping abreast of trends within women’s hair and men’s hair is not just something we’re passionate about. It is our livelihood too and our hair salon wouldn’t be the same place without the care that goes into every style. Our reputation depends on your recommendations.

On this page, we look through some of the trends that our hairdressers have recently styled for clients around Leeds.

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Women’s Hair Trends

Simple, but with a twist. We’ve been seeing nape-level twists rule runways across the world recently, with top knots becoming less popular as time goes by. Easy to recreate at home, a simple twist keeps your hair looking tidy and professional while being simultaneously stylish. This ladies’ hair trend is sure to stick around.

Are you planning a wedding? Hair can be worn in an ornate and elaborate twist which complements your choice of gown.

Shaggy fringes are all the rage. Our hair salon is receiving more visits from fashion-savvy women around Leeds who want a fringe incorporated into their cut. Our hairdressers are always happy to oblige. Be sure to consider adding in hair extensions to really make a statement. Many high-fashion models have recently sported fake fringes but, if you’re blessed with long enough locks for the real thing, we urge you to make the most of it!

Embrace Nature. On high-fashion catwalks across the world, more and more models are sporting natural-looking women’s hair that doesn’t go against the grain. If your hair is naturally wild and hard to tame, now is your time to shine! Designers are placing a huge emphasis on individualism.

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Our stylists and hairdressers transform difficult styles into something individualistic, natural and easy to keep. This is another great choice for wedding hair. Ditch hair extensions on your special day. Let your personality shine through with a style that plays to your hair’s natural strengths!

Men’s Hair Trends

Short and Choppy. It’s no surprise that so many men around the Leeds area pop in to get a short, choppy cut at our hair and beauty salon. Short cuts can be worn in many ways with wet look product proving especially popular. If you’re slightly thin on top, shorter hairstyles can make your hair look thicker and more textured. It’s a versatile way to wear your hair, low in maintenance but still professional.

Big Shapes. Looking to make a statement? Grow out your hair on top, then come to our hair salon in Leeds. One of our talented hairdressers can scissor cut or clip your hair at the back and sides, with the former being a softer, subtler look, and the latter being a bolder, more striking one. We’ll then style you a fashionable and shapely haircut.

While these cuts require maintenance, with sea salt spray being your go-to product, a well-styled long-on-top cut can be a very strong look indeed.

The quiff can’t be “back in style” because it never stopped being in style! The quiff is a timeless look and is proving very popular so far this year, especially as a men’s choice for wedding hair. Today is more about the textured, rough-and-ready quiff. Less polished than quiffs of the 1950s, the modern equivalent has depth but isn’t overly structured. Volumizing spray is your best friend here, and a touch of clay will help you achieve a desirable finish.

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